By Maggie Reynolds

Hello my name is Maggie Reynolds and let me begin this blog with full disclosure. I am a fan of Jill Zarin’s but I am also paid by Jill Zarin, a nominal amount, to administrate her Facebook page. I contacted Jill as a fan a few months ago as I was very distraught at the treatment she was receiving by people especially on Facebook. We spoke a few times and I virtually begged her to allow me to help her with her Facebook page. She generously offered to pay me for my time. I accepted. We have no other professional affiliation other than Facebook. The blog I am about to write is from Maggie Reynolds, the Jill Zarin fan. Jill knows nothing of this blog, but I do hope she will approve of it when she sees it.

I am writing this blog to express my utter shock and dismay at what Amazon.com is allowing to happen to Secrets Of A Jewish Mother, the book written by Jill Zarin, Lisa Wexler and Gloria Kamen. I want justice for this book, and I’d appreciate it if all of you as fans of these authors or as book lovers would help me fight this injustice. At the time of this writing, there are 122 one star reviews on Amazon for this book. While I respect a persons right to review a book, it is upon reading these reviews that you will see that the reviews are written by hateful people, most obviously never having read the book. The reviews include mostly distasteful insults and MOST violate Amazon’s review policies. Yet they are allowed to remain, hurting the rating and the sales of this book. Why is Amazon allowing this, and why does Amazon site review violations if they don’t enforce them? Let’s begin with the history of this problem.

On April 15, 2010 Amazon’s #1 reviewer, A. Chandler, gave the book a scathing one star review. If you read the review in it’s “orignal context” two things become clear. Ms. Chandler does not like Jill Zarin very much and she has not thoroughly read the book if at all. Many of her facts are incorrect. I said “original context” of the review; this is because since writing her review Ms. Chandler has added seven paragraphs of what she calls “updates.” Updates that feature unfounded claims and accusations regarding Jill Zarin and her fans writing “fake” reviews about the book and claiming that she was threatened because of her review. First of all, I don’t understand how a fan can write a “fake” review. Secondly, if such threats existed, why hasn’t Ms. Chandler brought them to light? The truth is, Ms. Chandler is not only Amazon’s #1 reviewer she has become Amazon’s #1 literary bully. I question Amazon right here. How can a review with seven updates that include slanderous statements be allowed to stay up as a review?  Not only has Amazon not removed this review they have alloted her prime position as the first review seen when you go to this book!

If you have the time and patience to go to the comments section of Ms. Chandler’s review, you will see that she has turned it into a Jill Zarin hate board. Amazon guidelines state that a comment section of a review is strictly intended to be used for discussion of the book or review only. Yet the comments section of over 3000 posts, very few discussing anything close to the book, is allowed by Amazon to stay active to this day. I have taken the time to read these posts. What I discovered was the following. Ms. Chandler has recruited a small yet ambitious group of people to destroy the credibility of this book. Over and over you will see posts calling for a boycott of this book, encouraging people to refund the book, applauding themselves for writing one star reviews and consistently laughing at Amazon sales numbers, while taking full credit for the lack of success the book has had on Amazon; although successful elsewhere. Perhaps more appalling is the consistent posting of Anti-Semitic comments, petitions to have Jill removed from her show and dropped by her sponsors, and hideous wording such as “Vigilante Justice” and insults to Jill Zarin and her family that I choose not to repeat.

These same people in their desire to hurt the book’s rating also go through great lengths to contact Amazon as a group to have five star reviews removed simply by overwhelming Amazon with complaints. And they succeed. This is key to my blog.


You may be asking yourself why Ms. Chandler would be going through such great lengths to destroy this book. I can only speculate through facts. Which are the following.

* Amazon rates their reviewers not by quality of reviews nor quantity of reviews but by the amount of times people deem a review helpful. On A. Chandler’s review for Secrets of a Jewish Mother, she has 1190 “helpful” votes. Did Ms. Chandler choose a popular side to prop her ratings? Ms. Chandler has recently been awarded membership into the Amazon Vine Program. This program allows highly rated reviewers to receive items of all price ranges for free in return for a review. Very interesting.

* Do Ms. Chandler’s actions have Anti-Semitic undertones? I would never bring this up without reason as it is a very sensitive subject. However, within my research I have found the following. Recently Ms. Chandler reviewed what I consider to be a very offensive book of “dark Jewish humor”.  Also throughout her so-called message board Ms. Chandler seems greatly amused when her followers write comments such as “Jill has toasted her own bagel” and “don’t waste your shekels on this book”. Makes for a compelling argument.

* Ms. Chandler could be a fan of Real Housewives of New York and got a little too caught up in the drama of the season. If you look at her other reviews you will find rave five star reviews of Bethenny Frankel and Alex McCord’s books, once again giving her many helpful votes towards her rating. I reiterate, did Ms. Chandler find a popular side of an argument to prop her rating?

* A further fact that helps establish my suggestions is after looking into Ms. Chandler’s review history, other than her reviews of “Housewives” books, Ms. Chandler reviews very few fiction/non-fiction books. Out of her 381 reviews, 75% are reviews of cookbooks, kitchen gadgets and work out DVD’s.

While I find Ms. Chandler’s actions horrific and uncalled for I cannot fully put the blame of this situation on her. AMAZON IS ALLOWING THIS TO TAKE PLACE. Yes, Ms. Chandler is the problem but Amazon is supposed to be the solution and they are not.

So what can we do?

I believe it is time for fans of Jill Zarin, Lisa Wexler and Gloria Kamen, as well as book lovers to take the same group action that these people have with Amazon, yet do it with good intentions. This is why I entitled my blog “Justice for a Book”. I plan on writing to Amazon customer service and reporting the one star reviews that blatantly break Amazon’s review policy. But I can’t do this alone. They will not listen to one person. But as it has been proved by the Chandler gang, they will listen to many people. So I am calling on you to help me in my quest for justice and for what is right.

What to do. Below you will find the following: a link to Amazon Customer Service. If you do not have an account with Amazon, it is very easy to create one. You do not have to make a purchase to contact customer service. Below that, you find I have written a basic letter to send to Amazon. Please feel free to copy it or use it as a guide for the letter you write. Below that, you are going to find the names of 56 one star reviews along with a quote I have pulled from each review so you can see the depths of the violations. Complain about all of them, complain about a few of them. Complain about Ms. Chandler. Everything helps! Finally, under that you will find Amazon’s review policies.

I am asking you to use the letter, report the violating reviews, and if you’d like, quote them their own policies and demand as a consumer and as a fan that these reviews be removed and this madness stopped. Only as a group can we do this. Will you join me?

I cannot express how strongly I feel about this and how deeply I urge you to join me and take this action. Secrets of a Jewish Mother will not be A. Chandler’s last victim. I am sure there will be other “A. Chandlers” that will follow her precedent and injure another book for personal gain. Amazon must be shown that we as consumers will not stand for this and will not purchase from a company that condones and endorses this type of behavior. At the end of the day, Amazon is responsible for the content that is on their website. The one thing we have is our voice. Please join me in using yours.

Please feel free to email me at maggierey7046@hotmail.com if you’d like to discuss this further or if you have any questions. Thank you for reading this and thank you for helping. Hopefully the next time I blog it will be to celebrate our success!

Maggie Reynolds



I am writing to you in regards to the book Secrets of a Jewish Mother written by Jill Zarin, Lisa Wexler and Gloria Kamen. As a fan of this book as well as an Amazon customer I am writing to inform you that there is a serious situation taking place within the review section of this book. I have read your review guidelines and policies and I have found many, many of the one star reviews written about this book violate many of your policies. I find it deplorable that this is being allowed on Amazon and I am requesting Amazon look at these reviews and remove them, in fairness to the authors of this book as well to the customers who visit your website. I should not have to read such horrible things when I am browsing through a review section of any book! If Amazon chooses not to take action, I will reconsider where I make my future purchases.
Below you find a list of reviewers that are in violation of your review policy, as well as a quote from each review. I would also like to draw your attention to the review and actions of your #1 reviewer, A. Chandler. Her review of this book is not only in violation of your policies, it also contains slanderous accusations towards one of the authors as well as a few fans. The comment section of her review currently tops 3000 comments and contains very little discussion of the book, but instead has turned into a Jill Zarin hate board. How is this acceptable? I request this review and comments removed as well. Shame on Amazon for letting this take place.
Thank you for your attention to this matter.


A. CHANDLER Reasons stated in above letter.
“The book is actually very negative though as well. The authors fight amongst each other and use personal stories to illustrate points…all which seem to be laced with martyrdom.”
“Her tips on dieting are just DUMB. And her ideas about snagging a husband border on RETARDED.”
“Jill Zarin and her frozen faced mother need to ‘GET A HOBBY’ ”
“The entire reason for its having been written in the first place, however, is to satisfy the ego of Jill Zarin.Every week we see our beloved author constantly degrade and demean former friends, turn up her nose at the lower classes, and in general act like an entitled snit. ”
N. Frazier “bookworm”
“The “Life lessons” Ms. Zarin keeps wanting to give only apply to rich, egotistical people like the authors.”
J.M. “Jilly in Idaho” –
“Common sense will serve you better than to listen to someone that acts in such a mean and hateful manner. It’s written to take advantage of her quasi-celebrity and to make a fast buck.”
“I wouldn’t even line the bottom of a bird cage with the pages of this book. Clearly written as a money maker.”
“They do not give Jewish Women a good name.”
Y. R. Wu
“Perhaps the title should be “Secrets of a Jewish Mother: how to make sure you and your daughters are attractive and financially secure but still as miserable and petty as you are.”
A. Moore “Amanda”
“This book was a complete waste of my time, I could not even finish it. Their advice is a joke and I am telling you all spend your money on anything other than this book. ”
tobb delow
“Is this supposed to be a parody of antisemitic cliches?”
“It was difficult to make it through but fairly easy to toss it in the fire. I guess in the end you can say the book wound up making me feel warm after all. hahahahahha ”
Smart Reader
“Just look at the price of her book now. It is starting to reflect it’s true value. It has been literally cut in half by major retailers everywhere! And, that’s just the beginning. It’s that bad!! No wonder. Who wants to buy a horrible book by a hypocrite. ”
“I wouldn’t even buy it even if it were $1! I would only take a free copy of your book to wipe my ass with!”
Roslyn G
“I did read a few reviews and the only people that could write a good review on it has to either be employed by Jill or a really really good friend (if she has any.”
Political Junkie
“This book should be placed in the $1.00 bin and marked down enough that people could use it as toilet paper or a door stop.”
“She tells lies, she tricks people, she is mean, hateful, petty and very immature.”
“Jill needs to go back to what she does best. Sucking up to Gosselin, Lohan and other cheesy noncelebs and spending Bobby’s money.”
“This is a horrible horrible book, so bad I am at a loss for words.”    (THIS IS THE ENTIRE REVIEW!)
Craig Davidson
“These women are a disgrace.  “I wouldn’t even illegally download it”
Tadzio Taylor
“It really should be titled: “Secrets of a Jewish Mother: Really bad advice, really fake stories, and really, really bad plastic surgery.”
“She’s cruel to her friends, obsessed with money, and talks about everybody behind their backs.”
“And a disappointment to Jews everywhere. ”
Max’s Mom
“I wish JillZarin (one word) kept her secrets to herself, and never wrote this book. What a waste of my money. Oh, and next time please leave “Jewish” off of the title. Haven’t our people suffered enough?”     (THIS IS THE ENTIRE REVIEW!)
Sweet LJ

“Please do not waste your time or money- this is pretty awful. Letters from a hypocrite is what is should be called.”     (THIS IS THE ENTIRE REVIEW!)
Linda Toon
“This is worst piece of dreck! Life is too short and this book wasted my time!”    (THIS IS THE ENTIRE REVIEW!)
Cactus Cook Sunday
“I thoroughly believe that this book was written to boost the ratings of both Zarin’s and Wexler’s respective shows. ”
Bob “Book guy”
“This book is as obnoxious as the people who appear on the show. A straight money grab by so-called writers. ”
R. Gordon
“I was very dissapointed after reading this book. I found it self indulging and cold.”    (THIS IS THE ENTIRE REVIEW!!!)
A. Harman
Elise McDaniel “Princess Elise”
“The book should be boycotted.”
Robert C. Brueckner “Bad Book”
“This book should be entitled, Secrets of a Maniac.”
T. Welikala
“Don’t waste your money or time, I read a few pages and put it back where it belonged- on the shelf”   (THIS IS THE ENTIRE REVIEW!)
Michael J. Cuneo
“What’s really awful is now Jewish mother’s will be associated with backstabbing, conniving, ignorant trash. ”
S. Obrien
“Written by Jill and her crypt keeper mother”
B. Shirts
“I found this book for 50 cents at a local thrift shop, and, because I do watch the show I bought it. Heck, it was cheaper than a cup of coffee so why not?”
M. Hinden
“Get anything! But don’t get this silly book. Its a complete waste of time and money.”
Mark Twain “Ang”
“Do not waste your money. This book is is a joke and a slap in any body who was raised Jewish’ face”    (THIS IS THE ENTIRE REVIEW!)
R. Schumann
“Stop milking the cow Zarin.”
Cathie Mulholland “Cath127”  (Lynn Hudson Author of the I Hate Jill Zarin blog.)
“What a shame! What could have been an opportunity for Jewish families to come together and non-Jewish families to learn another facet of life turns out to be full of nonsense, absurd advice and embarassing text.
I feel for those folks that were duped into buying it at full price.”
J. Lyons
“Don’t waste your time or money. If you have the money to throw away, donate to a charity instead.”    (THIS IS THE ENTIRE REVIEW!)
Jayne Shoda
“I have many Jewish friends and if they behaved like the author, I would have NO Jewish friends. ”
Plaid Pantsuit
“Anyway. It’s a bunch of dreck, obviously slapped together for quick profit. Save your shekels.”
C. Angley
“If you are curious and want to read the book, it will be in the bargain bin at Dollar General soon! What do they do with the books that don’t sell at Dollar General? ”
Daughter of Viet Vet
“Where does this yenta get off giving anyone advice? She’s a reality-show famewhore.”
H. Rafferty
“Jill should write a book about lying, thats something she is a good at ”
Sara J. Stricherz
“She deserves the debt she’ll be in when the publishers demand their advance back.”
“Jewish Mothers teach their daughters to be money-grubbing, shallow gold diggers.”
Em Rowe
“Jill’s scheming hands were behind this and she benefited from it financially, of course.”
Laguna Niguel proud parent
“I get the feeling the three of them collaborated to write this crappy book just to make a quick buck.”
Lindy loo
“It’s amazing they actually found a publisher; they must have paid someone off to have that thing printed.”
“Shame on them for using the title “Jewish Mother”, seems more like a book for hookers on how to snag a man for money not love! False eyelashes, bright dress, big bright hair….need I go on. OH and let’s not forget getting advice from women who are so insecure with themselves that they have had about as much plastic surgery as Joan Rivers!
Skip the book unless you’re a ho and want to sell your soul for some dough!”
R. Theobald
“Opinions of a fame addicted late aged women trying to make a cheap buck and lengthen her 30 minutes of fame. This book shows that the main author is a hypocrite.”
J. Lyon
“What kinds of ‘values’ is she attempting to teach? Basically golddigging 101. She has set the womens movement back 50 years.”
a customer
How much do you think these “authors” are paying for those totally fake 5 star reviews? Probably less than they pay for a pocket book! ”
C. Baldwin
“The only thing this book is good for is firewood.”
Guy in UWS
“It should end up on the discount rack at Walmart in record time.”
“I found this in a thrift store for 50 cents.
Purchased it…flipped through it…and threw it right in the garbage….where it belongs. ”
M. Roberts
“These three women give all Jewish women a terrible name”
“I don’t need to learn how to marry an old rich man. I would never steal money from my husband while he sleeps.”


Amazon is pleased to provide this forum for you to share your opinions on products. While we appreciate your time and comments, we reserve the right to remove reviews that include any of the following:

Objectionable material:

* Obscene or distasteful content
* Profanity or spiteful remarks

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  1. Laura A Hoffman says:

    Thank you for bringing this to people’s attention. This is most disturbing for a number of reasons. Personally, as a Jewish woman, I dearly love Jill, her mother, and the book. In interviews and discussions I hear positive feedback from a variety of women who see what we think of as the unique “Jewish mother/daughter relationship” as universal.

    But I am also painfully aware of what I perceive to be a rise in anti-Semitism everywhere. But on Amazon.com? Totally unacceptable, and the examples you give are outrageous. This is clearly a campaign to attack Jill, who is the most real, if you will, of the cast.

    I will follow through with Amazon. Jill has endured enough and taken on too much guilt she doesn’t deserve.

  2. Aviva Sharon says:

    I had seen a little early on of what was going on at Amazon and I am truly shocked to hear that this is still going on! Kudos to you for writing this blog! I support your efforts and urge others to as well!

  3. cynthia miller says:

    Amazon does not have a system in place to monitors reviews? This is shocking!
    They are in the business of selling books are they not? Why on earth would they allow sooo many negative, hurtful reviews of “Secrets of a Jewish Mother” and many by people who state they have not even read the book!!!! shame on Amazon, they seem to have the monopoly on on-line books for sale but I as an Amazon customer, will avoid purchasing through them and drive myself to an actual bookstore as I am a fan and interested in reading “Secrets of a Jewish Mother” and will now disregard the credibility of Amazon reviews, as they clearly allow ANYONE to post ANYTHING without any monitoring!
    So dumb on their part. I never knew this dirty little “Secret of Amazon Review Policy”
    but now I do thanks to Maggies Blog!

  4. Ruthe Walsh says:

    From the minute I heard she and her sister and mother were writing a book, I knew I was going to read it. Thank heavens I didn’t read any of the above critiques before reading it. Oh, I still would have read it, but my impression might have been tainted.

    Let me say, I loved reading this book, and thank you for bringing this Amazon.com situation to light. I normally wouldn’t make a comment about a book I’ve read, but I will do it and I’ll do it today.

  5. Warmblonde says:

    At this point my feeling is that this dispute will have to go to litigation to be resolved. Such as a SLAPP petition.

    As a frequent book purchaser and who has had an amazon.com account for 5 years, I do not want reviews on amazon of anything they sell from anyone who is not a verified purchaser.

    Until this situation changes, I will be purchasing books from Barnes & Noble and Borders.

  6. Aviva Sharon says:

    Hello my friends,
    I have a few questions.
    Warmblonde, how do we begin a SLAPP petition? Is it something the authors need to do?
    Can we contact Amazon’s president and bring this situation to his/her attention?
    For the time being, I agree with Maggie that we must write to Amazon as consumers and I have done so. I am passing this along to friends who are book lovers as well. I hope everybody will do the same.
    Thank you Maggie, wonderful blog and well needed.

    • Warmblonde says:

      A SLAPP Petition is a civil action that would have to be initiated by Jill Zarin.
      Either that or a Defamation suit.

  7. Brian Blaze says:

    I support this blog.

  8. Brian Blaze says:

    I support this blog and plan on spreading it to anyone who will listen. I hope others will as well. I am writing to Amazon today. I will not purchase from them again until this is resolved.
    I met Jill Zarin and her sister Lisa Wexler at a book signing and they were two of the kindest, warmest ladies I have ever met. They do not deserve what is happening to them. Their book is wonderful. I respect this friendly protest and all who are helping.
    Thank you Maggie. Thank goodness you spoke up.

  9. Gloria J Book Review says:

    Ms, Reynolds,
    Are you aware this is not the first time Amazon has allowed a book to be attacked in such a fashion?
    I am a book reviewer from Vermont and I am aware of three other such situations.
    You are doing the correct thing to fix this. Only when readers of the book began contacting Amazon was action taken. I will therefore write to Amazon and pass this along to my readers in this category.
    Kudos to you Ms. Reynolds.

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  11. donella says:

    i agree with cynthia! it is amazing to me that a company as big as amazon doesn’t have the right “people” to monitor comments. and as for jill’s book, i was not happy when i learned my comment was removed? so, let me get this straight, in order to post a review on amazon, it has to be negative?! or is it just jill’s book?!?!?! hmm, how fair is that? is amazon getting paid out by someone to do this? are they tied in with the mafia? ok, the last comment was mean, or was it? judging by what is allowed to be said on amazon, i can’t even tell anymore!

    well done maggie! i hope you stick it to em! and i will send a note myself to amazon and tell them i’m not happy either.

  12. Annie says:

    I think the people that are bashing Jill on Amazon are soo disrespectful… and especially if they are approaching the line of being anti-semitic.. i mean everyone has their opinions about others … but are people really that mean that they need to hurt Jill’s book sales, career, and reputation ?? Also, if people are posting things on Amazon… why isnt amazon reporting them or emailing them telling them their company does not condone this behavior?!? I mean i feel like Amazon is presenting themselves as Anti-Jill and telling others i welcome you to bash the books on our website and to make HATE something completely acceptable…. hate needs to stop and there should be more love and kindness in the world. That’s all i have to say

  13. Maggie,

    Thank you for creating this blog. The things these people have posted in response to a not so good review are appalling. First off, I would like to say this is a great book. The negative reviews I feel are mostly out of jealousy. Maybe some people don’t get it. But I feel like if you grew up on Long Island, or even in New York, you get where Jill, Lisa, and Gloria are coming from. It is one thing to not like something, but to go around degrading and bashing, why? What is it doing for these people, I don’t get it!

    Anti-Semitism too? That is unreal. Haven’t we moved passed that along time ago? That is totally uncalled for. Being a fellow Jewish person, I am offended by this.

    I hope that things can turn around, because all this overly harsh criticism is offensive, and unnecessary.

  14. Janet Hoopleman says:

    I support this effort and plan to contact Amazon in the morning per email and via telephone. Have they no shame?

    Beyond your efforts here Maggie, Amazon is violating Jewish people’s civil rights. Would you please suggest to these authors that they have the power to alert the press about this vile situation and should do so.

    Thank you

  15. CAROLYN says:

    This was brought to my attention last night and it makes me sick to my stomach to think this is being done to Jill and her family. I fully support this blog and will do all I can to help also. Jill has been so gracious through all of this and does not deserve this and I am beyond disgusted to think she may have read it. It is hurtful and hateful and has to stop. I admire her very much and will definately contact Amazon regarding this trash and hope they take this complaint seriously.

  16. Lisa Maher says:

    I just wanted to say that Im a big fan of the show, Jill and her new book. People in this world are so ignorant and cruel to others. No one follows the real rule anymore: If you dont have anything nice to say then dont say anything at all.

  17. shelly edwards says:

    i don’t see why people are so hatred to one another…

  18. Carl Pullzer says:

    I have sent a complaint to Amazon and I will everyday until this is taken care of. This is unfair to do to a book written by three wonderful women because some people get lost in tv show. Amazon is lazy and reckless to let this go on. We should also write to the president of Amazon. Tell them we are taking away the bucks, they’ll listen.

  19. Lea says:

    I am shocked that my 5 star review of Jills book was deleted. I am on the phone with amazon right now and going to find out why this was deleted. I am complaining and requesting all reviews be deleted.

    • Lea says:

      Oh great…there is no way to speak to the review department I just have to wait for them to get back to me. I gave the service rep my complaint, I told them I thought that the reviews have gotten so out of control that they all should be deleted. We should keep reporting the reviews, say a prayer to God that justice will happen. Nobody has to like the book ,but to attack a person and twist words is well, twisted.

  20. Kipher says:

    First rule know your audience. Everyone knows Amazon caters to the darker group of people who would be impossible for Jill to win over. Jill needs to find other distribution outlets for her book where her true fans exist.
    Trying to change some people and businesses would be like trying to change GOD and the devil.

    Although I like how you are trying on amazon but it will always be amazon the dark…
    Somethings we just have to accept, just like Bravo is always going to be much more partial to the darker side of life, thats life.
    There are so many great good outlets Jill can find and use for her items for such as Ebay. Ebay sells books….

    Good luck my friends at Zarin camp…

  21. Donna says:

    I love Jill Zarin!! You have my full support. I have written and called Amazon and will do so all weekend.

    Write to the president at this address jeff@amazon.com

    Stop this madness!!!

  22. Jack Zimmerman says:

    Well written and important blog. Will you be releasing it to the press?
    Having followed Amazon’s tactics over the years I feel this form of action WILL help this cause.
    May I suggest supporters flood Amazon with letters and phone calls.
    Take a deeper look into their VINE PROGRAM on the internet and you will find much SCANDAL.
    Keep us posted, I will be watching the progress of the situation.

  23. Ida Keralton says:

    “Jill has toasted her own bagel” “don’t waste your shekels on this book” “STICK THE KRACKEN ON THAT WHOLE FAMILY. “

    I plan on alerting every Jewish Anti-defamation league I can find about this. They will hear from me, Ms. Reynolds, I can assure you.

  24. Denise says:

    I don’t like Jill. I don’t think she’s a nice person and I think she is a passive aggressive trouble maker.

    However, I think you laid out facts that prove these practices are unfair and I do believe it should be stopped. I love to read, I read reviews and they play a large part in my decision to buy something. I seriously think Jill has a case to sue Amazon and if I were her I would.

  25. I have seen what Amazon has allowed as reviews on this book and was appalled as well.
    I’ve also taken the time to write and call Amazon about this, which at the time was a good thing on Amazon’s part as the person i spoke to was very kind. She looked up the reviews while I was on the phone and agreed with me that things were not right. No one has the right to SMEAR another . I hold Amazon responsible for this awful slander upon this author .
    I have decided not to deal with Amazon until they “clean up their act” I’m just one…but hopefully, others will follow.
    Ya know what they say….”It takes a village”.

  26. Quinn D. Montague says:

    I support this blog and I join the prior posters in stating I am now staging a boycott of Amazon until this situation is fixed! Authors have rights. I suggest the authors contact the Authors Guild regarding this situation. Perhaps they can help.
    Quinn D. Montague

  27. Maggie:
    First, I must say that I adore Jilll and her family. That being said, I respect and admire your determination to force people to recognize that, even if they disagree with the certain insights explored in Jill, Lisa and Gloria’s book, it’s never alright to use cruelty, vulgarity and insults to express these opinions. Such techniques are generally utilized by the jealous or the weak-minded, or by those who don’t have the courage to express their own personal thoughts, feelings and emotions. I agree that Amazon should take action when reviews become so puerile and mean-spirited. Neither Jill, Lisa nor Gloria deserve that. They’ve accomplished something few others have or ever will, and they should be congratulated for it.

  28. Selma Holmes Scott says:

    Ms. Reynolds,
    I agree 100% with your writing. Amazon is responsible for the content of their website. I have written the letter to them and I will pursue. I commend you in your efforts. Lisa Wexler is a lovely woman and this is an outrage.

  29. Dina says:

    Thank you so much for writing this blog. Jill, Lisa and Gloria are three of the most wonderful people that I have met. I love them and their book. I refer to the book all the time and it upsets me that they have to go through this. I am contacting Amazon to complain again. I will do anything possible to help.

  30. varda messer says:

    Dear Maggie
    Thanks for the information. what you do is great.
    Amazon is allowing lots of unfitted things to happen on the site, I know
    I will do all I can to help.

  31. Kathi says:

    I am not Jewish, I LOVED this book. I sent the letter, this nonsense is just wrong!

  32. Rachel Haro says:

    I reviewed “Secrets” a couple of months ago and faced the wrath of A. Chandler because I enjoyed the book. While I JUST NOW found your blog, I did exactly what you suggested and contacted Amazon…and then ignored him/her. When THAT didn’t work, I felt a really nasty letter was necessary. So far, she’s stopped posting on MY review.

    What a nutcase…

  33. Suzi Ufland says:

    Dear Maggie:

    I was just thinking…If Jill was to get on Oprah (I think I heard somewhere that she is good at selling books) about this terrible practice of Amazon, Jill could kill two birds with one stone, make the public aware of the problem, and get her book out there.

    I’m just saying….

    Love and Kisses

  34. Laurie says:

    Jill, you are a beautiful, kind, genuine, and generous person. I love you and your family. Thank you So Much For writing the book “Secrets of a Jewish Mother”. The book has some of the best advice ever, words I live by, and I thoroughly enjoy the stories you all share! The book is a very easy read and is one I will refer to and open often. Thanks again for signing my books in SoFlo. You Are The Best!

  35. Pingback: Aura’s Fair in Love and War | The Daily Blog Awards

  36. Lady Brooks says:

    Even for me, to read this was disappointing to learn and I am sorry this has happened.

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